Artists: Jenny Toye

Image: jt_160

Description: jt_160


The Pardoner a whimsical figure walks on a dusty dry barren land, dropping pices of gold from his purse, the picture paints a moral viewpoint.

'The Pardoner' (from Chaucer's tales) cannot admonish the sins of the past because money won't bring back fertile land, we are at the environmental crossroad. Our dry continent where land is cleared and water is irrigated with schemes on all the big rivers to supply our food and exports, is not sustainable.

Our rivers are dying from polluted nutrients, inadequate environmental flow, and from the huge loads of salt which wash off irrigated lands and into the waterways. Farmers have been greedy because they have worried about their $ return over twelve months, irrigation is a short-term indulgence, a farming technique which buys prosperity now at the cost of ruinous ecological damage in the future. Australia has sold off our government-run water to foreign conglomerates they pay 'The Pardoner' for their sins but at what cost?

Media: Oil on Canvas

Size: 120 x 860 mm

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