Heaven by a String

The Stanthorpe Border Post, Thursday February 6, 1997

Kites inspire new exhibition

Miniature art works inspired by kites from "Heaven By A String", the latest exhibition to open at the Stanthorpe Art Gallery this Friday.

"Heaven by a String" depicts the historical, religious and ritualistic associations of kites through works ranging from small scale sculpture to jewlery, prints and paintings.

Kites date back as far as ancient Greece and have been a part of ritual and customs for the Japanese, Koreans, Maoris and Malays for hundreds of years.

In China, kite flying is supposed to have begun around 206BC when Han Sin, a general of the time, invented a kite for use in war. Today, kites are still flown in China on Kite Day, the ninth day of the ninth month, as part of a ritual said to float evil away from the kites' owners'.

Twenty-six artists from around Australia are included in the exhibition, including kite designer Peter Travis, who has contribute several drawings and a magnificent kite.

"Heaven by a String" will be at Stanthorpe Art Gallery from February 7 until March 4.