1931 Born Worcestershire, England
  Secondary Art Teachers Certificate. Melbourne Teachers College.
Certificate of Art. R.M.I.T.
Diploma Of Art. R.M.I.T.
Fellowship Diploma. R.M.I.T.
Fine Arts. (Hons.) Melbourne University.
1948 - 1950 Art study, Dudley School Of Art, England
1950 Arrived Melbourne, Australia
1950 - 1959 Art study and Teacher Training at Melbourne Teachers' College, Melbourne University and R.M.I.T.
1953 - 1962 Secondary School Art Teacher
1961 Art Teacher Scholarship to U.K. and Europe
1963 - 1973 Senior Art Lecturer, State College, Frankston (now Monash University)
1971Journeys &Study trips to London, Europe - Venice, Greece . Athos Central Australia
1976Study trips to U.K. and Europe
1984 Lecturer - Art Education G.l.A.E. Churchill (now Monash University)
1985Art study - France
1986Painting Tutor - G.l.A.E. Bairnsdale (now T.A.F.E. East Gippsland)
1991Art study - London, Venice
2006Art study - Europe
1964 Bonython Gallery, Adelalde
1965 Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney
1966Contemporary Art Society, Sydney
1967 Contemporary Art Society, Perth
1968 Contemporary Art Society, Melbourne
1971 First Exhibition of the Permanent Collection, Curator - Alan McCulloch, Mornington Peninsula Art Centre, Victoria
1971Pinocotheca Gallery, Melbourne
1971Seven Contemporary Australian Artists, Malvern Galiery, Victoria
1973 U.S.A. Travelling Exhibition
1975 Invitation Prize H.C.Richards, Queensland Art Gallery
1977Three Regional Artists, McClelland Regional Gallery, Victoria
1978 Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney
1978Peninsula Potters &Painters, Mornington Peninsula Art Centre, Victoria
1979 Clive Parry Gallery, Melbourne
1983Sale Regional Arts Centre - 'With Respect'
1984 Nyerimiiang, East Gippsland - ' Two Environments '
1985Allegro Gallery, Sydney
1986 Gallery Huntly, A.C.T. - ' 14 Australian Artists '
1986The Town Gallery, Brisbane
1986 Hesley Watercolour Exhibition, Canberra
1988Editions Gallery, Melbourne
1988 The Robb Street Gallery, Bairnsdale, Victoria
1988Expo, Brisbane - Gallery Aipha
1988 A.C.A.F. No. 1 Exhibition Building, Melbourne - Gallery Huntly, A.C.T.
1989The Robb Street Gallery, Bairnsdale, Victoria
1990 Hesley Watercolour Exhibition, A.C.T.
1991Gallery 101 Collins Street, Melbourne
1992 Gallery 101 Collins Street, Melbourne
1992A.C.A.F. No. 3 Exhibition Building,Melbourne - Gallery 101
1993 The Robb Street Gallery, Bairnsdale, Victoria
1995Tattersall Club Landscape Art Prize, Brisbane
1995-1999Collins Street Gallery, Melbourne
1995 Nicholson Street Gallery, Bairnsdale, Victoria - 'Where have I been? Where am l? Where am I going?'
1995The Robb Street Gallery, Bairnsdale, Victoria - 'Heaven By A String'
1996 Australian Catholic University, Canberra, A.C.T. - 'Heaven By A String'
1996Japanese Garden &Cultural Centre, Cowra, N.S.W. - 'Heaven By A String'
1996 Tattersall Club Landscape Art Prize, Brisbane
1997'Two By Two' - Qantas &Wall Street Exchange, Canberra
2003'New Beginnings' - East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale, Victoria
2003'Touching the Surface' - ACU National / The Robb Street Gallery, Canberra
2003-2004'Owned and Loaned' - Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, Victoria
2007'Black and White' - Common Ground Festival, Lakes Entrance, Victoria
2008Survey 'This Way Up' - Abstract works - La Trobe University Art Collection - Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Victoria
1963 Argus Gallery, Melbourne
1969 Munster Arms Gallery, Melbourne
1969Manyung Gallery, Mt. Eliza, -Victoria
1970 MacQuarrie Galleries, Sydney
1970 Art Galleries of Benalla, Castlemaine, Sale, Victoria
1971 Manyung Gallery, Mt. Eliza, Victoria
1972Manyung Gallery, Mt. Eliza, Victoria
1973MacQuarrie Galleries, Sydney
1973 MacQuarrie Galleries, Canberra
1974 Manyung Gallery, Mt. Eliza, Victoria
1975Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane
1976 Dudley Town Gallery, England
1977Peninsula Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane
1978 Solander Gallery, Canberra
1980Allegro Gallery, Sydney
1981 Solander Gallery, Canberra
1981The Town Gallery, Brisbane
1981 Montrichard Galleries, Adelaide
1982Mark Widdup Galleries, Newcastle, N.S.W.
1982 Switchback Gallery, G.l.A.E. Victoria (now Monash University)
1987The Town Gallery, Brisbane
1988 Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney
1989The Town Gallery, Brisbane
1990 Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney
1990The Robb Street Gallery, Bairnsdale, Victoria
1990 Australian Airlines, Melbourne - Wall Street Exchange
1991Gallery Arcticus, London, England
1992 The Robb Street Gallery, Bairnsdale, Victoria
1993Australian Alrlines, Melbourne - Wall Street Exchange
1993 Gallery 101 Collins Street, Melbourne
1994The Town Gallery, Brisbane
1994 Artworks Gallery, Nungurner, Victoria
1995The Town Gallery, Brisbane
1996 The Robb Street Gallery, Bairnsdale, Victoria
1997Convent Gallery, Daylesford, Victoria
1998 Retrospective Survey Exhibition 1958 - 1997 Regional Art Gallery, Sale Regional Art Gallery, Mornington, Vic.
1998The Town Gallery, Brisbane
2000Collins Street Gallery, Melbourne
2000Art Gallery - Sale. Drawings - 'From The Lakes - Image & Conversation'
2005Lake Gallery, Paynesville, Victoria - 'White Light'
2005Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, Victoria - 'Image Into Light' ) Travelling
2005Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Victoria     - Image Into Light' ) Survey Exh.
2007Pivotal Galleries, Richmond, Victoria - 'Referencing Light'
1967 Eltham Open Art Prize
1974Caltex Award, Flinders Art Prize
1975 Brighton Art Award, Religious Prize
1978Rotary Art Prize, Mornington
  George Crouch Prize - Ballarat, Victoria
  Mornington Gallery Drawing Prize - Victoria
  Andrew Fairley Prize - Shepparton, Victoria
 Eltham Open Art Prize - Victoria
 Bendigo Art Prize - Victoria
 Caltex Art Award - Victoria
 Corio 5 Star Prize - Geelong, Victoria
 Benalla Art Prize - Victoria
 Flotta Laura Prize - Sydney, New South Wales
 Blake Prize - Sydney, New South Wales
 Robin Hood Prize - Sydney, New South Wales
 Maitland Prize - New South Wales
 Andrew &Lillian Pederson Memoriai Drawing Prize - Queensland Art Gallery
 De Gruchy Prize - Queensland Art Gallery
 Trustees Prize - Queensland Art Gallery
 L. J. Harvey Prize - Queensland Art Gallery
 Gold Coast Prize - Queensland
 Tattersall Club Prize - Brisbane, Queensland
 John Lesley Art Prize - Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, Victoria
Public Collections
 Queensland Art Gallery
 Coventry Cathedral, England
 Commonwealth Art Bank
 Australian National University - Canberra
 Latrobe University - Bendigo Campus - Victoria
 Latrobe University - Bundoora Campus - Victoria
 Latrobe University - Lincoln Campus - Victoria
 Monash University - Clayton Campus - Victoria
 Monash University - Frankston Campus - Victoria
 Reserve Bank of Australia
 German Embassy - Canberra
 Benalla Art Gallery - Victoria
 Castlemaine Art Gallery - Victoria
 Gippsland Art Gallery - Victoria
 Mornington Peninsula Art Centre, Victoria
 Adelaide Teachers College - South Australia
 College of Advanced Education, Canberra - ACT
 Victoria College - Burwood Campus - Victoria
 Nagle College - Bairnsdale - Victoria
 City of Bairnsdale, East Gippsland Shire - Victoria
 Ballarat Fine Art Gallery - Victoria
Corporate Collections
 Gibson Chemicals, Melbourne
 Rialto Collection, Melbourne
 A.N.Z. Bank Collection, Melbourne
 Australian Airlines, Melbourne
 Rydges Hotel, The Banks, Melbourne
 Video Channel, Sydney
 Wise Technologies, Brisbane
 HSV Channel 7, Melbourne
Private Collections in:
 England, France, Finland, Greece, U.S.A. New Zealand and Australia
1961 Art Teachers Scholarship - United Kingdom & Europe
1987 Artists in Schools program - Bairnsdale High School - Vic. Arts Ministry
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2003 'The Blackcountrryman' Autumn 2003 Vol 36 No 4 (UK Publication)
2007 'Art Almanac' The Esential Guide to Australia's Galleries. Sept Edition
1975 Documentary Film (colour) 'The Image Maker'. H.S.V. 7 Melbourne
1996Documentary Film (colour) 'Our Victoria'. H.S.V. 7 Melbourne
1998 'Cathedral of Nature' - Owen Piggott - Retrospective Catalogue 1958-1997
2000'From The Lakes - Image and Conversation' Owen Piggott & Mark Brennan